Tipping plays a part in the compensation to the crew for a climb.  The tipping amounts that are suggested would provide an appropriate living wage for the mountain crew and the hard work that they do to support your Kilimanjaro climb. 


K PAP is of the opinion that a fair compensation for a porter’s work done properly is a minimum of 23,000Tsh/day and we recommend 25-28,000Tsh/day. Tipping is based upon the crew meeting your expectations.  

In order to determine the appropriate tip amount, it is necessary to know the wage amount per day paid by the climbing company as well as the number of porters assisting the climb. As a minimum wage has not been formally enforced, local climbing companies can pay anywhere from 6,000Tsh/day to $18/day as the highest amount on record.  

Once you know the daily wage amount being paid to the porters you can calculate the tip amount to compensate 23,000-28,000Tsh/day. For example, if a climbing company pays:

  • 6,000Tsh/day you would tip 17-22,000Tsh/day for every porter.
  • 8,000Tsh/day you would tip 15-20,000Tsh/day for every porter.
  • 10,000Tsh/day you would tip 13-18,000Tsh/day for every porter.
  • 15,000Tsh/day you would tip 8-13,000Tsh/day for every porter.


Tour companies should suggest tipping amount guidelines before the climb as well as a tipping procedure at the end of the climb.

Climbers should know the number of crew that will be assisting them from information obtained at the Climber Briefing.  This way the amount of tips can be prepared beforehand.

We encourage you to meet your crew at your 1st campsite to make sure you have the number that was promised.  You can write a list with your crew member’s names and refer to this list at the end of the climb when you give their tips.

It is ideal to have a tipping ceremony with the climbers and crew at the last meal on the mountain or at the descent gate.  Tips can be placed in individual envelopes and the climbers hand them directly to each crew member.

We highly recommend tipping each crew member directly, to ensure that the full amount of tip is received.
If you are giving the full tip to the guide, you should announce the amount before the
entire crew and indicate the tip amount that each porter will receive.

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